My Manuscript

Sahib-G ground-breaking virtuoso guitarist has developed a serious music career, born and bred in the UK he is already an acknowledged guitarist both on the concert platform and in the recording studio. Performing since the age of 12, music found him at a very early age. "I didn't choose music... it chose me."

Completely self taught and without any type of formal lessons or training, Sahib-G displayed an uncanny talent for learning, and by his early teens became multi-instrumentalist. "It was strange things would seem to come easily, although I was really most competent on drums and guitar."

Sahib-G began studying the guitar, taught himself how to play, his destiny had greater aspirations and after four experienced years as part of a band, he became independent of them to establish himself as a freelance guitarist. By his late twenties, he found himself doing sessions as a guitarist and studio engineer, "Even today, half the artists I work with hire me as an engineer and the rest call me for guitar work." The freelancing and studio work has led to touring and producing for many artists, among them Kuldip Mank, Heera, Malkit Singh, Balkar Sidhu, Premi, Holle Holle, Bhappi Lahri, and Alaap.

Always finding and developing the mood and essence of a tune, from soulful to the driving rythmns that make guitar mastery a joy to hear, his deep love of music shines through, blending passion, beauty, pride and humour in every note.

A rare artist among his own generation, a producer, songwriter and extraordinary guitarist who is multi talented has impressed label executives VIP Records.

He even found his way into Bollywood playing guitar alongside Bollywood's most renowned playback singers such as Udit Narayan, Kumar Sanu, Anuradha Paudwal, Alka Yagnik, and Jaspinder Narula. Last but not least, a performance being for Sharukh Khan's Temptation show in Wembley alongside Saif Ali Khan.

Sahib-G has made the name and recognition of what it is today as one of the most talented and sought-after musicians in the British Asian music scene. With nearly 25 years of performance experience and a phenomenal talent, Sahib-G is ready to unleash his own debut album upon the world.